The DRIFT – traveling without a set destination – Thailand (2/3)

posted by Tarzan February 4, 2016

The DRIFT – traveling without a set destination – Thailand (2/3)

traveling – it’s not all about the perfect itinerary, the perfect beach or the perfect weather. It’s so much more.

At least once in your lifetime you should let it all go and just go, wherever it might lead you. Just drift around and let life play its cards. I promise, you won’t regret a thing. You will live it to the fullest, will experience life in a complete new way like you never could’ve imagined it before.

What most people don’t have in mind while thinking about something like this:

It will make you stronger.

No, not physically strong but mentally. After doing a „drifting vacation“, how I call it, you are sure that you could achieve everything, solve every problem and be happy no matter where. You will always have in mind that whatever possible could happen to you, you would find a solution to it. And if you want to even go a step further, isn’t that a very important job skill?!?

So there you go, it’s a business trip you have to do, a must for your career.  This leaves me just with one more question:

What’s your excuse now? There’s none?

Sure. Then just do it. Start living your life.

You might think who is this young fella to tell me about what to do in life and what not to. Therefore let me tell you a little story:


As you might know currently we are traveling around the globe and living the vagabond life – something that we have imagined and put hard work into for a long time – one part of our journey is Thailand.

After having done some island hopping (read our story and tips about island hopping in southern Thailand here)  we had no real plans on what to do next – actually we didn’t want any plans.

We wanted to experience the NOW, the real life.

Having somewhere deep in the back of our heads our visa day limit for Thailand and our next flight from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with 1.800km to travel and loads of adventures in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam in between.

How do you start something like this?

Forget to think about this question before you’ve even started. There’s no right or wrong for this kind of vacation. You are back to your roots, back on your own, without any cultural pressure telling you what’s the right way to do something.  If you want to do something then do it.

WHY fu….. not?  There’s nothing that holds you back. It’s your life with your choices and your own risks. Now that the point of finding your own way in doing things is clear, we can tell you about our way, our journey, our life for that moment.

So back to the story – island hopping done – current location: Krabi, Thailand 

Where should we go know? We knew that Bangkok would be a stop in about 1 1/2 weeks.

current direction to Bangkok: north

North – that’s as easy as it gets. In the blink of an eye we were at the bus station looking into the confused eyes of an old lady at the counter after she asked us „where you gooo?“ and we answered „north“.

Next moment: We are in a bus towards Surat Thani.

On our way to this large city we knew we wanted to do something new. Looking on the map of Thailand we found some promising national parks not too far away from Surat Thani. The next step was to figure out the„how“. How to get there? How to make things happen. The national parks being not highly frequented were for sure not as easy to get to than for example Koh Lanta. That’s why we had to find another way to get around. Our choice of transport was a cool looking SUV being perfectly equipped to do some offroading and explore the paths of the national parks.

We arrived at about 2 p.m. in the national park, to be more exact in the „Sikiet Waterfall National Park“. After having explored the abandoned waterfall area it was already getting dark and there was no accommodation to be found. That in mind and the sunset on its way we had to make a decision rather quickly, having two options, either going back to Surat Thani, where we would arrive really late and would have to drive for hours or the option we chose: driving even more east to reach the east coast of Thailand. A couple hours later we fell tiredly into our beds in bamboo huts located right on a beach.

Woken up by the waves and light screaming of new born puppies we headed back to Surat Thani spawned by not having any time left to spend in southern Thailand. Back in Surat Thani we took the next bus towards „north“. But that’s a story to be told at another time. „Thailand part 3/3“ is already on its way. Keep the vibes up and share our tropical adventures.


Tarzan and Jane

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