Thailand – part 1/3 – a new beginning and island hopping

posted by Tarzan January 8, 2016

Wow – now we made it out of India – what an impressive experience, but lets not rest in memories. Now it’s time to move on or more specific it’s the time to start our next part of our RTW-trip, which is south-east asia beginning with the beauty of Thailand.

We arrived on Phuket and already felt the relaxing atmosphere which Thailand is known for on our cap ride from the airport to our hostel in Phuket town where we stayed a couple days to explore the city. Phuket town is most often described as dirty, loud and ugly. We surely made a different experience than that. I think the key to that is opening up to locals, eating where they eat, buying where they buy and sleeping in an area where they live. And those are the simple tricks to enjoying not only this city, but furthermore every city you might visit in the future.

Next on we took the ferry from Phuket town to the breathtaking island (Koh) Phi Phi which had its debut in the year of 2000 in „the beach“ in which Leonardo DiCaprio is on the hunt for the most perfect beach on planet earth. On this beauty of an island we had a breathtaking and adventurous accommodation in the jungle which was only to be reached by boat. (blogpost about this place is already on its way)

There isn’t much to say about Koh Phi Phi besides: beautiful beaches, especially the famous Maya Bay, tasty Pad thai, red curry and moon parties, which for sure shouldn’t be missed. OH, don’t let me forget about the snorkeling which was great. We were able to swim through hundreds of fish which didn’t seem to be bothered at all. The snorkeling can be seen in the beginning of our film.

And so our Koh Phi Phi days have passed by and it was time to move on. And where do you go after having spend quite a while on an island?  Sure – another island. This time it was Koh Lanta, a larger island which was our connection to the main land of Thailand being only separated from it by a river.

Koh Lanta didn’t lack any beauty but was cheap, which us backpackers never mind. We stayed in the „New Coconut Bungalow“ which is under the hand of a former swiss guy who gave his best to make us feel at home.

Finally the day had come, the day we all had waited for, the day of our first scuba diving experience. We made our Padi Open Water Diving license on Koh Lanta.  It being surely great, we really have to recommend our diving school „Dive & Relax“ which made a perfect job at leading us into this new world of scuba diving. The whole team was thrilled to help us whenever we had any questions and made it a nice and fun experience for us. Scuba diving is more fascinating and beautiful than words could ever describe.

But there is much more to do on Koh Lanta than diving, swimming and sun bathing, even while those are already worth a vacation. On this island motor scooters are cheaper than everywhere else. Your to-do list might include waterfalls, national parks, elephants on the side of the roads and isolated fisher towns where no tourist is to be seen.

Being all hyped up by this beautiful scenery there had to be something bad on its way…. and there it was. You probably already know what it was. Sandy roads, old scooters without a lot of grip and too much fun to handle. You got it… a bike accident. Open skin, a little blood and a half torn tendon being the consequences. But our group mate surely wasn’t the kind of person to be demotivated by something like that. A couple minutes later the wounds were cleaned and we were already on our way to our next scooter adventure.

The days went by and our time on Koh Lanta had been counted down. Having already spend quite a while on these two southern islands, only a 30 day visa for Thailand and still having to get through almost all of the country, it was clear that we had to leave. With one crying and one smiling a we left Koh Lanta and went to Krabi having loads of adventures on our future path.

And all of this can be read in part 2 and 3 which are to come out soon.

So spread the vagabond lifestyle and share our stories with this beautiful planet.


Tarzan and Jane

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