Thailand 3/3 – From sprained ankles over cave temples up to Bangkok

posted by Tarzan February 28, 2016

Final destination Cambodia

Leaving Surat Thani we traveled to Kiri Khan. Having already looked out a hostel, we arrived there being refused by every Tuktuk driver to bring us to the accommodation, apparently because it was placed right near a highway and quite a long way to go.

We then checked into a hostel recommended by locals, paying only 5€ per night.

That night we headed out to a food market, where we bought a large banana strawberry fruit shake for believe it or not, 60 cents. We then strolled down to the pier where we found another local jewelry/clothing/food market. While we walked down the food market we found a place that sold crepes and we couldn’t believe our eyes. We’ve been talking about food we enjoyed for a couple days now and found a place that would give us satisfaction in at least one meal we missed. But a disappointment was to happen shortly after: We took a big bite filled with happiness only to find out that the crepe we had was crunchy. Not what we had expected. It was still tasty though.

After that we made our way up north to the Khao Sam Roi Yot National park near Khiri Khan.
We slept in a cute little harbor village and had cocktails every night, exchanging stories with the bar lady and an elderly couple from Germany and Thailand.
We rented wicked motorbikes and drove to the national park. Well… That was kind of an adventure. We started off climbing a mountain, with one of us being injured on their ankle, being complete wracks when we arrived at the top because the temperature climbed its ladder higher than we ever could have. It was one of the most humid days we’ve ever experienced. We went down the hill on the other side and drank a cold coke which was the best coke I personally have ever had.

We were already super tired but had the worst ahead of us. Which we hadn’t known then.

We gathered new energy and began the second walk. Whilst it was really humid we climbed a mountain with 420 height meter to walk. As we finally reached the top the sweat was all over our skin. Thing is: it wasn’t even that hot. It was just so humid that all the water settled down on to our skin. At least that’s what we guessed.
The cave we reached was absolutely stunning. It resembled a vulcan because the top of the mountain crashed and a huge rock fell down many years ago.

In the middle of the smaller cave was a „Kuha Kahuras“ Pavillon built to worship the visit of King Chulalongkorn in 1890. Having that visit done, our mission was to get to Bangkok within a week.
We spent days in little villages, enjoyed life and got to know the lives of locals.

Finally landing in Bangkok we spent two nights in a rather not so satisfactory hotel and then three more nights in a sweet hostel in a little alley. We spent our time exploring a little bit of Bangkok, huge shopping in the MBK shopping centre, going to the cinema and eating sushi.
We strolled through a small hippie street with beautiful restaurants and shops and pretty lights.

Of course we visited the Khao San Road and treated ourselves with little somethings: new phone cases, bracelets and clothing.

After these days have passed, our days in Thailand were counted and we slowly but surely made our way to our next stop: CAMBODIA


Tarzan and Jane

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