Tarzan & Jane

Tarzan and Jane – the background story


Once Jane set her foot into Tarzan’s jungle, both knew being close and trusted friends has always been predestined. Rapidly, they found out they were striving for the same passions. They’d spend hours talking about how amazing photographs look, how beautiful the world is and what a wonderful architecture certain places had.

They’d spend days and nights together, strolling through their territory talking about life, sharing everything with each other. Until one night last winter; they were sitting in Jane’s kitchen, drinking hot coconut milk and eating berries. She started talking about traveling the world after graduating school. Surprisingly never talking about it with Tarzan, he looked at her indignantly and exited shouting “That’s my life dream!”. Ever since they knew that one day, they would travel the world together. Thus, whilst graduating, they kept their money together and prepared for the trip. After graduating they had worked on an enormous farm next to the jungle, cutting vegetables and stockpiling boxes packed with cabbage until they had enough money to afford what they had always dreamed of.  After several hours of planning they finally had the route all settled and even a third member that would accompany them.

Everything got closer and Tarzan and Jane became aware of the fact that they couldn’t leave their home behind without taking the world with them. They will be documenting the simple life and share it with all human beings that feel the same desire for adventure in their bones.
With the support of their families they will soon be leaving for a trip all around the globe, visiting nine stunning places: India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Australia’s east coast, Fiji, the USA and Cuba.

And here we are. Having put a lot of work and effort into everything and now, we will be leaving in a short time. Preparing the last bits, we’re getting more and more exited to leave.
Doing what we love most, we hope, to find ourselves through this trip, figure out who we are and who we want to be when we will be back in a few months.
We want to live a life powered by love, acceptance, support and freedom.
All of our experiences shall be shared with wonderful people all over the world and we hope, that we can satisfy all your creative and curious minds.
We will give our best!



Tarzan and Jane

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Barbara 18. February 2016 at 23:06

kinda reminds me of the shop that i aalwys hang out at. old parts laying around everywhere…you get that warm, great nostalgic feeling. i love it.and btw, “snowflake”?! my goodness, couldnt they come up with something better.


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